Hearts Fund

You become a Wagstarter Hearts Fund member when you commit to a monthly donation as small as 10 dollars (only 33 cents per day). If you include an optional tip towards our operating expenses, it helps us pass along 100% of your net donations and be a sustainable service forever.

As a Hearts Fund member, you will receive a regular personalized status report email which details the animals your funds supported each month. You may find you enjoy the serendipity of the Hearts Fund, and the deep connections your generous donations make to you across the world. You’ll also get a little red on your avatar across our entire site, signifying your ongoing commitment to supporting Wagstarter’s mission.

Besides making you an awesome human being, joining the Hearts Fund and building a history of regular giving also grants you prioritized status should your own pets ever become sick or injured. Selecting cases for financial assistance is done at the discretion of the attending veterinarians, and of course is subject to future donation volume.

If you join our Hearts Fund on our home page, your donations will be used for our most deserving case globally. You may also choose to join the Hearts Fund on a veterinary clinic profile page, in which case your donations always go towards that clinic’s most deserving cases.

Our Hearts Fund Donors