Kidney failure makes you feel really, really sick, as toxins build up in your blood.

JD the beagle has kidney failure


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Dr. Petty

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JD the beagle has kidney failure

JD is a 9 year old neutered male beagle cross who was brought into the clinic for acute onset lethargy and inappetance. He vomited a large amount of white frothy fluid twice. Based on his chemistry, he has acute onset renal failure.

He is an inside only dog. The owners can't think of any type of poison that he might have gotten into. He is producing urine with a USG of around 1.020 without any trouble. There is a large amount of granular casts in the urine sediment but no crystals. We are sending out a Leptospirosis PCR panel test now.

He is his owner's constant companion and a great help with raising their young son. The owners have been great at paying his vet bill at the end of each day but they are now scraping out the bottom of the barrel and becoming very distraught that they can't do more.

Timeline and Updates

Sep 9, 2016 by DrBruce

Case entered into system.

Sep 10, 2016 by DrBruce

Over the last 24 hours JD has started to stand up and move around a little bit more. On the down side, he is still very anorexic and acts very uncomfortable every time we force feed him just a small amount of soft food.

Sep 11, 2016 by DrPetty

JD did really well this morning when his owners came to take him for a walk in their son's stroller. He lifted his head and wagged his tail when he saw their son and a few other dogs outside. Unfortunately, this afternoon after refusing to hold down any food, he produced a large volume of bloody diarrhea then died despite attempts to perform CPR. Due to his parents only living here temporarily, he will be cremated so his ashes can be laid to rest with his other family members. May you rest in peace in heaven, JD.