Information for Pet Owners

You love your pets unconditionally, and you know how scary it is to think about them needing an expensive treatment or surgery that you just can’t afford.

The Economics of Veterinary Medicine

Let’s face it: quality veterinary care is not cheap. A typical veterinary bill for a sick or injured patient can run $500, $1,000, even $5,000 and up, especially in severe cases requiring advanced diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries. It’s not uncommon at all for pet owners to have to decline proper treatment plans out of sheer economic necessity.

Your veterinarian has the same amount of education (and, likely, educational debt!) as a medical doctor. Your vet also uses the same diagnostic equipment as a medical practice would, such as EKG machines, anesthetic machines, ultrasound, even MRIs and CAT scans. But a veterinary case that costs $5,000 would be closer to $100,000 if performed on a human patient in a human hospital, for the same amount of work. Veterinarians make only a small fraction of what their human doctor counterparts do — they truly do what they do for the love of animals.

Why is there such a difference in veterinary bills vs. human medical bills? Two main reasons: 1) third-party insurers, who “hide” the true costs from patients and, along with hospitals, run-up costs in a vicious cycle; and 2) lawsuits necessitating malpractice insurance. Thankfully, neither of these are significant factors in the profession of veterinary medicine.

The Wagstarter Solution

Okay, that’s enough of an economic lesson for today. The veterinarians who created Wagstarter are delivering a more effective way to fund animal health care.

You or your veterinarian can publish your pet’s case here, where other pet lovers can donate to help you pay your veterinary bill. We validate each case with the vet clinic so donors can contribute with confidence. Then we send 100% of our net donations directly to the vet clinic, not the pet owner, so each patient receives necessary care as efficiently as possible.

You can help increase donations by sharing needy pet cases friends and family via Facebook and other social media. We have sharing links on your case page to make this quick and easy.

What if my pets aren’t in need, or I don’t have pets?

Even if you don’t need Wagstarter now, you can join our Hearts Fund, donate to a specific patient, or donate to a specific veterinary clinic, and help provide lifesaving care today. As you build your reputation here as a Wagstarter Donor, you’ll be more likely to receive community support here to raise funds, should you need Wagstarter’s help in the future.

If you have any other questions, please ask us over on our Wagstarter Facebook Page, where we will quickly answer questions.