Information for Veterinarians

You became a vet to help improve animals’ lives. Seeing pets suffer without proper care is intolerable, so you work pro-bono, or, worse, perform “economic” euthanasias. You know all too well that nearly half of your clients have trouble paying for any unexpected pet emergency.

Compared to medical doctors, you’ve had the same education (and same student debt!), yet your patient owners rarely have third-party insurer assistance, so must pay out-of-pocket. This forces you to make hard decisions about balancing optimal diagnostic and treatment plans within the budget of the client.

Sample Client Release & Signup Form (pdf)

The veterinarians who founded Wagstarter are trying to improve the way veterinary healthcare is funded. We believe that Wagstarter can provide a significant boost to both your practice revenue and your practice goodwill. We know you want to provide optimal care in all cases, and would if there was a reliable means of raising the necessary funds. That is why Wagstarter is here.

Entering patient cases into Wagstarter, complete with pictures or videos, is quick and easy, from a computer or mobile device. You can just as quickly update cases notes, pictures, or videos to keep donors informed about case progress.

Try Wagstarter in your practice. We can set you up in our system in a matter of minutes, complete with a customized client handout you can print, like this one. We pass 100% of net donations directly to you, either by check or ACH, and you get to decide how your donated funds are distributed among your cases.

Please contact us today to get started or learn more. Be sure to join our private Wagstarter Veterinarians Group on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!