Severe long oblique fracture of the tibia and fibula that had penetrated the skin.
Zena was in pain from her injuries.
Several options of fixation were discussed but one this bad would require some form of internal fixation.
A pin and cerclage wire were used.
Additionally a splint will be used to help support the leg while it heals.

Zena the boxer mix broke her leg


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Zena the boxer mix broke her leg

Zena went missing from her owners' home, and came in to Dr. Foster at 4:30 AM with an open fracture of her rear leg. Both her tibia and fibula were completely broken. That night, she was stabilized and her pain was managed. The following day we repaired her fracture in a long surgery, and she is currently recovering well.

Timeline and Updates

Sep 9, 2016 by DrBruce

Case entered into system.

Sep 10, 2016 by DrBruce

Zena's owner reported she is doing very well. Climbing on the couch against doctors orders, a little mud in the end of the splint, and not wanting to take her pills. Other than that she has a great appetite and is going outside to do her duties without any problems.

Sep 12, 2016 by DrBruce

Zena did manage to chew her bandage off. She came in and was awarded the cone of shame the leg and incision and everything else looked good though .